A Birth Announcement

When a woman is pregnant with a baby in 2015 it is common to celebrate in many different ways. First the mother should video herself telling the father that he is going to be a Dad. Then she should also do something special to tell the grandparents. Then you announce it to Facebook in a cute way (puns appreciated) but don’t forget to post those videos you took to tell the father and grandparents. After that there could be gender reveal parties, multiple showers, and maybe even a sip and see after they are born. Our culture today realizes that a birth is important, and we find a million to celebrate the birth of a baby.

So when it is God’s turn to announce the birth of his son, he goes all out! It is pretty adorable in my opinion (is it okay to say God is adorable? I think he is.) He puts a big star in the sky, and he sends a great company of angels to some shepherds in the night sky. What a sight it must have been.  

We often think of what it must have been like for Mary and Joseph to birth the Son of God. I wonder what it must have been like for God to send his son to the earth to be born. Knowing why he was sending him and what would happen, would it be a celebration or would it be something God feels sorrow for?

If I had to hazard a real guess, I would say I think he felt like celebrating. The Bible sure paints birth of Jesus is a celebration. He brings all types of people to the table, the rich and powerful Magi and the poor and hardworking Shepherds. It is an analogy for the change that Jesus came to bring.

My husband’s brother and his wife brought a child into the world just a few months ago. After his wife had a C-Section, my brother-in-law had a few moments alone with the baby while she was coming off of the drugs. I got to watch a proud Daddy look upon a child with all of the anticipation and excitement of who he would grow to be. God with all of his infinite power to love and actually know who Jesus would be seems to be looking upon his son here with that same anticipation and excitement.

This December has been busier and harder than any other for me. I'm already getting tired of celebrating. I am tired of waiting, Advent can be just as hard as lent is sometimes. But I am reminded of the joy and celebration that God himself sent to us. A choir of angels, a bright star, a chance for everyone to know Christ, Kings and Shepherds. 

May we look upon this time of year with anticipation and excitement. We know who Jesus becomes and what happens, but for now lets experience the miracle of this child. Let's find time to celebrate this season.

Maybe skip a Christmas party that will wear you down instead of help you celebrate. You don't need to send out 200 Christmas cards with personalized messages. The kids don't care if the presents are perfectly wrapped. Take a break from the busy to enjoy the reminder of how near God is. Praise God for being faithful to us. Laugh at yourself and your plans and devote yourself to God’s ideals for you. Then do as the shepherds did and go and share about the joy you have found. 

“Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!”

Luke 2:14

Holly Racca Youth Minister Southern Hills Church of Christ Abilene, Texas